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We are an Indian based company dedicated in dealing with top quality dress materials for women and young generation girls. Our company succeeded in showcasing unique dress material products by actively participating in different exhibitions and melas organized throughout India.

A Global Organization

The touch of impeccable fabricated paintings and embellishments done on the products gives look and feel of a designer series and remains the best part of our service to the customers worldwide. The stylish and latest attire designed for women opened a gateway for us and gave us an opportunity to compete with top rated players of this arena.

The team of Iris desires comprises of creative artists, who with their innovative ideas and creative skills deliver eye catching exquisite apparels especially for women.

Collaboration with top rated textile firms, we ensured that the quality standards are maintained and the feature of comfort zone is added to the purchased product which enabled us to grab more and more customers to our kitty.Meeting the latest trend along the mixture of traditional elegance, artists hired by us come out with wide range of designer series of dress materials. Therefore, do look for our complete range of products that are kept for offering to receive the best in the industry and get complete value to the money invested.

Dress material of Samprada is a selection of fabrics, woven in a traditional method of creative designs and hand painted. The designs reflect respect to the weavers, Indian art and culture.

The quality of fabric and touch of our own hand made paintings and embellishments gives the products a distinctive look and feel of a designer series. Every design of ours is a desire of every young girl and a woman. Products are unique, exquisite & eye catching.

Our team comprises creative artists and designers with innovative ideas, best craftsmanship, care and quality.

We made the handmade revolution by making art so much more accessible & affordable. Fusion of tradition & trendy concepts, designs and intricate artistry make you feel proud of being unique.

You are buying an item that is not mass produced and each one of the piece is individually & completely hand painted. Even if few of them are made in multiples, will still always be a unique & made just for you.

You care handwork and the amount of pride that goes into each & every brush stroke to create it.

Samprada promotes handloom products as it carries the lowest carbon footprint, which makes it a sustainable fabric. The process and technique of production gives the textile an unique character. In addition, handloom fabrics breathe well, cool in summer, & retain body warmth in winter.

The art of weaving is one of the richest and most vibrant aspects of Indian cultural heritage. Loss and neglect of this art, is loss of the sense of pride associated with great Indian tradition.

Samprada chooses fabric as a mobile media to promote and popularize our tradition, culture, and rich heritage. Exhibitions are to promote handlooms by sensitizing the market with a concept of value addition through artistic designs and embellishments.

You are part of a movement.

Your support to handmade products is a part of strengthening movement for freedom and livelihoods attached with it.

You are helping a process of reviving our economic models that rewards creativity, art, and hard work, personal & social responsibility to Nature.

Thanks for appreciating the priceless art & not bargaining.

Making Traditions more Fashionable

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